” The law of property determines who owns something, but the individual determines how it will evolve. By appreciation we create excellence.” 

With access to both off-market and pre-market opportunities our team has a wealth of experience helping our Clients source negotiate and acquire property.

Benedict & Company provide a property search and acquisition service for Clients who retain our services to locate the perfect property. Our strength is understanding exactly what our Clients want, condensing the wide selection of properties available and tailoring that selection to every Client’s unique needs both in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

Benedict & Company operates an extremely well networked property search team with a wealth of experience in our field and access to both off-market and pre-market opportunities in the residential and commercial sectors. Projects range from a small apartment in a capital city for a family member attending university, through to substantial primary residencies in key locations.

We deliver an unparalleled service for our Client’s based on a relationship of trust and discretion. Our service saves our clients time, money and stress. We act as buffers, handling all the research and negotiations on the Client’s behalf and overseeing the conveyancing process.

After we have helped our Clients source and purchase their property, we also offer an interior design and consultancy service advising our Clients on the managing of architects, builders, security experts, school advisers, removal and relocation services and will continue to oversee the general management of the property.

In short, we strive not only to secure a solid long-term investment for our Clients, but also to establish a long-term relationship advising and providing services for them.


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