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Benedict & Company is a unique consultancy firm that specialises in the support of Family Offices, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and Sovereign Wealth.

It became very clear to me that most existing companies don’t really understand how UHNW’s really spend their time or take steps to understand their issues or culture. I call that the “extraordinariness of ordinariness”.

Benedict Wormald - Group Managing Director  

We really understand our clients

Benedict & Company aims to develop a long-term relationship with our clients, with an in depth understanding of their needs, lifestyle and culture.

We deliver and maintain cost efficiency

Our key objective is to deliver and manage world class projects with significant cost efficiency to the client.

A broad reach

Our networked team has a wealth of experience helping our clients source, negotiate and acquire whatever it is they would Like


We only operate in a transparent and open manner with our clients as we believe our value quickly becomes obvious.

Benedict and Company

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Unique off market environment for both buyers and sellers

The world of transactions- super, hyper prime and off market assets has been severely damage by brokers. The process of mandates and proof of funds hasn’t changed in centuries and is hugely open to exploitation and is unfit for purpose (costly, lawyers, insecure, indiscriminate, open to exploitation and fraud).

This is one of the many areas that Benedict and Company add value. We streamline the whole process ensuring a simple vetted solution is offered to the client which is backed up by our legal team at King & Spalding London.


23 Berkeley Square Mayfair London, W1J 6H